Katie is known for her attention to detail, ability to create order out of chaos, and love for all forms of potatoes. She is a recent graduate of California Institute of the Arts where she received a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Producing and Management.  

Tech Rehearsal of  Annie  at Charleston Stage Company in Charleston, SC

Tech Rehearsal of Annie at Charleston Stage Company in Charleston, SC

Katie spent her formative years growing up in South Carolina in a household and long lineage of medical practitioners.  So, as you could probably believe, she thought that would be her career destiny as well.  Katie attended Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC to pursue a career in (yep, you guessed it) medicine, but after her first semester in Biology courses (somewhere between dissecting a frog and continuous slides of who knows what), she knew immediately this was not for her.  After a lot of thought and dabbling through many courses, Katie found her niche in the theater department by complete coincidence.  (She can tell you that story some time!)  Her mother likes to remind her that she didn’t find her love for the arts in college, but she’d had this love since she was a child. 

FLASHBACK!  As a child, Katie would direct, design, and orchestrate shows in her family’s living room for her parents and their friends at their holiday parties.  The planning would begin weeks in advance with many drafts of the scripts, rummaging through bins of old dance costumes, curating props and scenery out of things around the house, casting her sisters and friends into the show, and lastly, creating a program for the evening’s performance.  While her management tactics have changed drastically from those days, this is where her drive, love of creating, and attention to detail began.

Dale Franzen, Katie O'Kelly, and Mara Issacs; Opening Night of  Hadestown  at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, AB

Dale Franzen, Katie O'Kelly, and Mara Issacs; Opening Night of Hadestown at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, AB

After graduating from Wofford College, the first professional show Katie worked on was Pullman Porter Blues at Seattle Repertory Theater, which was a new play written by Cheryl L.West.  Ms. West was in rehearsals feverishly writing and re-writing new parts into the play as it was being blocked in rehearsals.  As a 22-year old, Katie was astonished by the work being done in this little rectangular rehearsal space and she knew she’d forever be changed.  She told herself that she wanted to be in rooms like that one for the rest of her career.  The collaboration, drive to produce great art, and dedication to the storytelling was something that she’d never experienced before and has driven her towards the work that she continues to gravitate towards today.

Katie is working as a Producing Associate on a new musical called HadestownHadestown is a musical that’s inspired by the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice written by Anais Mitchell and developed with and directed by Rachel ChavkinHadestown had an off-Broadway run at the New York Theatre Workshop in 2016, which had reviews saying “Inventive. Beguiling. Luminous. Spellbinding.” by the New York Times and “Hadestown Will Be Your Next Musical Theater Obsession” by Vogue.  Hadestown had its Canadian debut at Edmonton’s Citadel Theater in Fall 2017 and recently announced that it will move to London's National Theatre in Fall 2018.  Hadestown is expected to move to Broadway in 2019.

In her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, running around with her 3 year old pup, Fitz, and traveling as much as she can.